Cultures & Languages

Garvin Center for the Cultures & Languages of Global Management

As a world-class resource for students, scholars, and global executives, the Garvin Center takes a strategic and integrative approach to understanding and addressing the critical issues in cross-cultural management. It helps develop the language and cross-cultural competencies that are required for effective global leadership.


Create a first-class, internationally-respected resource for students, scholars, and executives for issues of cross-cultural and language competency, and their relationship to global management effectiveness.


Reaffirm and enhance Thunderbird's legacy as a premier and unique school of global management given its commitment to language and cross-cultural education and research.


Create and disseminate new knowledge. Build a knowledge base on multilingual and multicultural management; research the role and impact of languages and cultures in iglobal business, as well as upon economic and social development; share findings with the academic and business communities.

Prepare future global leaders. Provide instruction on cultures and languages, as well as their influence upon global management, to present and future managers both in the classroom and virtually; advance the scope and quality of language and culture training for the business community.

Provide real-time solutions to enterprises facing challenges at the intersection of languages, cultures and business. Offer educational materials, consulting advice, and information to a wide range of organizations, e.g. companies, NGOs, governments facing global challenges in multilingual and multicultural management

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